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First Aid training for your Group or Club

Any situation where people gather socially such as the Football Club or even the WRVS is a good place to have some basic first aid in place.  The chances of something happening in a group situation is quite high particularly when physical activities or sports are involved, and we will teach you all aspects of dealing with emergencies in public in your group or club in Sussex.

Our First Aid for Groups and Clubs aims to cover all the basics such as how to assess a situation and reduce risks, particularly in activity situations; for example resuscitation, dealing with choking, poisoning, heart attack, allergic reactions, broken bones, treating the unconscious patient and more. 

So if you need first aid training in Sussex First Aid for You will be able to tailor a course for you or get you on one of the first aid courses we have running, around Sussex.  If you're responsible for other people, having relevant training in First Aid for groups and clubs is a legal requirement in many situations.  Don't get caught out in an emergency - get the relevant training and appropriate certification that covers your insurance from First Aid For You.

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