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Emergency First Aid at Work

Approved by HSE. 4 - 6 hours. Not assessed

The minimum approved level of training in the workplace.  Emergency First Aid at Work 4-6 hour courses are held at various venues for delegates from Sussex or at your own premises if required.

Emergency First Aid at Work courses held in Sussex will train delegates to a level of skill and confidence to deal with basic life saving in emergency situations before medical backup arrives.

Some of the situations covered are:

  • Health & Safety (First Aid) regulations
  • Dealing with an incident
  • First Aid - priorities
  • Managing an unconscious casualty
  • Shock
  • Seizures
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Common injuries in the work environment.

Gain comprehensive knowledge to protect you and your colleagues from a wide range of common problems such as choking, poisoning, electrocution, broken limbs, heart attacks, low blood sugar etc.  Our medical model 'Annie' features at these courses and students get hands-on experience of CPR, bandaging for different injuries and situations which gives them a lot of

Courses for emergency first aid at work in Sussex are held at a location that suits you and are always lighthearted and enjoyable, full of active participation to reinforce your knowledge.